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“As for me, I’ll always be a repeat customer!” – Maria, Seller

The "Why" is more than just a buzzword.

At Forkas Home Team, our "Why" is to serve great people like Maria and help them achieve their real estate dreams. Our goal is twofold: To effortlessly meet the needs of our clients while making the process as simple—and as profitable for them—as possible.

When Maria asked us to represent her in the sale of her home, we went right to work! Preparing a home for the market is equal parts science and artistry.

“Due to my previous experience with Brook and Michael, I knew I would be in good hands. They got the property ready for Open House so beautifully and arranged the whole process so seamlessly. The Open House was a definite success with numerous offers pouring in!”

Reviewing offers, putting together counteroffers and negotiating the “extras” that a Seller might need is simply the way we do business.

“Brook was thorough with reviewing the various offers with me. She worked hard to determine the best offers and gave sound advice on counteroffers. Brook made sure I was able to stay another month as I was still in the process of finding a replacement property.”

An accepted offer is not the end of the road. Ensuring a smooth transaction and a quick close requires constant care and attention to detail. Most clients are blissfully unaware of the behind-the-scenes efforts to close on time and without undue stress.

“Although the Forkas Team made selling the condo look so easy, I knew she worked tirelessly and never gave up on her dedication to support me. I have mentioned Brook to my friends and family, and they all know to call on her when they have a need for a real estate agent in their future. Thank you so much!”

We look forward to providing the same level of service for you. Check out our Seller Resources here and give us a call. 925-351-4924

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