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Baby, it's Cold Outside! Is Winter a Good to List My Home?

Are you thinking of selling a home soon, but you’re not sure about listing in the winter? Many sellers hold off until the spring buying season, but surprisingly, there are some advantages to selling a home in the winter months.

Let’s take a look and see if listing now might better suit your needs than waiting for the “spring thaw.”

Listing and Selling a Home During the Winter

First and foremost, the Internet has no idea that it’s winter!

Because nearly 95% of buyers use internet sites as a means of browsing available listings, the temperature outside makes little difference. In fact, immediate internet access to photos and other home information makes time of year somewhat irrelevant. You will see buyers looking at listings in the checkout line at the grocery store, holiday parties or even while waiting for their child’s basketball game to start.

Fewer Listings Means Less Competition

During the winter, serious buyers have fewer options, which may swing in your favor. Imagine being the only home option available in your neighborhood. It’s like the idea of being a “Big Fish” in a small pond. Less competition may even result in a faster home sale than anticipated.

Winter Buyers are Serious

Buyers who are willing to schedule viewings around holiday parties or inclement weather are not just browsing. That’s because many winter buyers are backed up against a deadline such as a job relocation, an expiring lease or even a contract on their current home.

Many Buyers Have a Little Extra Free Time

Many buyers may have more scheduled time off during the winter holidays. A buyer may actually have more time to visit homes and make decisions about a home purchase during this timeframe.

The Takeaway: Do What is Right for YOU

The most important piece of the puzzle? Make decisions that work best for YOU. If your timeline suggests that now is the best time to sell or buy, then by all means move forward with confidence.

Having the right realtor on in your corner makes all the difference. I’d be happy to assist you in the process. Get the Forkas Factor on your side!

Check out my resources for sellers and then give me a call!

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