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Leverage: Sellers Still Have it, and Here's Why

Although the Walnut Creek, Brentwood and Discovery Bay areas are seeing a bit of a shift in the frenzied housing market, most homeowners still possess an edge in the housing market – also known as “leverage” should they decide to list their homes.

Here’s why.

Buyers are really in search of three things:

1. They want to secure the home of their dreams with the best offer.

2. They want to secure the home of their dreams before mortgage rates rise higher

3. They want to secure the home of their dreams before home prices climb higher.

These three buyer needs give Sellers an amazing advantage—also known as leverage—when they place their house on the market.

What Does this Leverage Mean for Sellers in a Changing Market?

If you’re thinking of selling your home, buyer demand in today’s market still gives you a great opportunity to get the best terms and price when you sell your house.

Let’s connect to discuss how much leverage you have as a seller in today’s market because there are many variables including location, school district, and home condition. Sellers may need to be a little more flexible in their thinking and expectations and I’m here to walk you through that process.

We can discuss strategies to increase your home’s marketability including potential small updates to your home to make it as desirable as possible for buyers in your price range.

Working together, we can still get great offer for your home with the terms and conditions you need. So, don’t hesitate. Give me a call for a no-obligation chat about the market in your neighborhood and to discuss your real estate goals.

Together, I believe we can make those dreams a reality! Call me today. 925-351-4924

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