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Real Estate Lessons From My Dog, Augie

Look at my buddy Augie—chasing his “dream” and ending up under a rainbow! How does Augie’s metaphorically perfect day help YOU as you pursue your real estate dreams? What is there to learn from chasing a frisbee?


Believe it or not, the first step in achieving a real estate goal is to find a realtor that is a dreamer and most importantly, shares YOUR dream! Going through the process of a home sale or purchase is not for the faint of heart. Having a dedicated “dreamer” at your side is imperative for a successful transaction.

And I’m proud to be a dreamer! I’m not referring to “fluffy” dreams, but I’m talking about creating a relationship of trust, patience, diligence and understanding with my clients. This relationship translates into a level of service that allows us to work together to meet YOUR needs and somehow, end up under that elusive rainbow.


The dream of homeownership can be a fussy and tedious process. Let me handle the paperwork and the tedium—and allow you the freedom to enjoy the excitement of chasing your dream.

I’ll ask the right questions and help you build a blueprint for your real estate transaction. What is the timeline of your home sale or purchase? What preparation does your home need for the market? Or, as a buyer, what are your non-negotiable needs in a home purchase? Where can you be flexible to make your homeownership dreams a reality?

I’d be pleased to bring my expertise, experience and my dreamer mentality to help YOU chase your dream.

Just like Augie.


Content by Forkas Home Team Walnut Creek Realtors

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