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Thinking About a Vacation Home or Investment Property? Check Out Bear Valley!

Hey good people. I’m Michael Forkas from the Forkas Home Team and here’s your Forkas Find of the Day.

Looking for a second home? Looking for an investment property? Trying to find a home up in the Sierras but don’t want Tahoe?

I’m here at Bear Valley, the Hidden Gem of the Central Sierras. Great skiing. Great hiking. Great fishing. Lots of trails. If you’ve never been up to Bear Valley off Highway 4, come check it out.

This year-round destination offers activities from relaxation to extreme adventure at any time of the year. It’s an ideal destination to appreciate the unspoiled outdoors as Mother Nature intended.

Bear Valley averages over 30 feet of snow per year, but even in the summer, it’s a mountain playground! Enjoy the Mokelumne Wilderness and Carson-Iceberg Wilderness with extraordinary outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for mountain serenity, Bear Valley delivers. Enjoy spectacular views, and amazing sunsets over the Sierra.

I know the area like the back of my hand and I’d love to share my tips and pointers for finding the vacation or investment property of your dreams. Check out current listings here.

If you want more information, give me a call. 925.351.4924. and that’s your Forkas Find of the Day!


Content by Forkas Home Team Walnut Creek Realtors

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