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This Weekend in the Bay Area 10/20-10/22

Front porch with a cat sitting on the step

As the fall season envelopes the Bay Area, the nights become longer and the tales become eerier. This weekend promises a mix of thrilling, chilling, and downright spine-tingling events perfect for every adventurer. From ghostly train rides at Ardenwood to the mysteries of the iconic Winchester House, there's no shortage of spooky encounters. As you chart your spooky itinerary, remember, if you're thinking of transitioning from one haunted abode to another, I'm here to ensure your home gets sold, guaranteed. Dive in, if you dare, to the top events this weekend and let us know which one beckons you!

train tracks

cemetery at night with a crow perched on a headstone

Tattered pirate flag in a cloudy sky

Goulish hands reaching through a cracked door with back lighting.

Terror Vault in San Francisco

Haunted mansion at night

Where are you going this weekend?

  • Haunted Train at Ardenwood

  • Alamo Cemetery Tour

  • Pirates of Emerson

  • Terror Vault

You can vote for more than one answer.

Have you been to any of these events before? Give us your recommendations in the comments below!

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