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It's Cherry Picking Season in Brentwood!

Nothing says spring in Brentwood like cherry picking. From the moment the orchards are awash in bloom, I look forward to the ruby-red harvest!

I want to share a few tips about cherry picking in the East County and give a shout out to a few great farms just "around the corner" from our own home.

What should I bring on my adventure?

Cash. Some farms--and fruit stands you may see on your way with delicious berries and apricots--are cash only. So it's a great idea to be prepared.

Buckets or baskets. Although the orchard may provide a bag, it's helpful to bring a small container that a child can hold more easily. And it's infinitely cuter for Instagram moments!

Hat. It can be surprisingly hot in Brentwood, where the marine layer doesn't reach. Don't forget sunscreen too!

Ice Chest. To keep your fruit fresh, a cooler may be your best friend.

Closed-toe shoes. Sandals are a no-no in orchards with rocks and dirt clods. You'll be so happy you put on your sneakers.

Water. Water bottles are a must!

Wagon. If you have a wagon, it's perfect for handling both the fruit--and perhaps the little ones who have tired out during the adventure.

Brentwood has a great selection of Cherry-picking options. Here are a few that are highly recommended. Always call or check their Facebook page first before heading out. Links provided!

Have a great time in our "neck of the woods!"


Content by Forkas Home Team Walnut Creek Realtors

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