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We Blinked. And the Market Changed.

I have been in the business of real estate for 22 years. I’ve seen ups and downs. I’ve seen interest rates all over the map. I’ve seen foreclosures and short sales. I’ve seen bidding wars resulting in twenty offers on a home!

In short, I’ve seen it all. I’ve EXPERIENCED it all. And that’s the kind of realtor that you need to guide you through the complexities of ANY market.

What does an experienced agent bring to the table?

Pulse on the market: Experienced agents can identify and potentially predict local market trends. Lean on an experienced agent to understand the best time to buy/sell in your market and to determine pricing strategies for your home sale or purchase.

Negotiation experience: Negotiating a great deal is an art form best honed by doing it often. An experienced agent has insights into “sweetening the pot” that may not occur to a less seasoned professional.

Respect with other agents: Believe it or not, experienced agents can garner greater respect in the community and can actually expedite a potential home sale. Your agent can facilitate your buy or sell by leveraging connections within his own brokerage or through years of maintaining solid relationships.

Neighborhood Expertise: Experienced agents can tell you which neighborhoods are trending up or down and why. They can help you understand the dynamics of schools and other amenities to consider when investing in a home.

Experience and knowledge is key in a shifting market. Period. I’m not going to duck my head or tremble in my boots as I navigate market changes for my clients. Let’s get to work for you.

Call me today. 925-351-4924

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